About fenway creative

Stephen Greenstein and Joy Uyeno built Fenway Creative to help small businesses and individuals stand out in a sea of big businesses. Websites are often the substitute for a physical location, and as such we help businesses to evoke the confidence and ambiance they want to convey to their audiences. It's not just about design -- it's about creating an experience that suits your mission.

Stephen Greenstein of Fenway Creative
Stephen Greenstein, Partner
Stephen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hartford. He later went on to become an Adobe Certified Expert and earned a certificate in web design. In addition to designing and developing websites, Stephen has taught classes for local community education programs based in the Boston area.

Stephen worked as the Senior Email Developer, JavaScript Analyst and Information Technology Manager at a web services company in Boston. He also served as a Project Manager for a small design company based in Boston. Stephen lives in Watertown, Massachusetts with his wife, Jennifer and their daughter Vivienne.
Joy Uyeno of Fenway Creative
Joy Uyeno, Creative Director

After graduating from the University of Hawaii, Joy earned a graduate degree in publishing from Emerson College, where she became immersed in design and social media. She works in all areas of creative growth, including design, writing, and social media.

In addition to websites, Joy has designed books, magazines, and stationery. She marries her love of new media and old fashioned hands-on creation at her blog, Frock Files, where she writes daily. Joy lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts.